“The girls are always so friendly when I call.  They’ve gone above and beyond on some referrals that other agencies have maybe backed out of.  I had one patient that was going to have to stay over another night because he needed home care to give IV Antibiotics at home.  The staff at 24-Hour Care got someone in there at the last minute.  The nurse added his visit to her day and this helped get him home.  Thank you!  Keep up the good work”

Mandy Tashner – Mercy, Dubuque


When we realized we needed to reach out for help in taking care of Julie, we called 24-Hour Care. We heard about their services from a close family friend.

From our very first meeting with Emmy Hinton at our home in the evening, we knew their goal of meeting the family’s needs included convenience and comfort. We were able to schedule their nursing staff working around our hours of work. We had the first CNA at 5:45 am and then again after our lunch hours and into the evenings. The registered nurses at 24-Hour Care provided the service of taking Julie’s blood and helped us with various products as her Alzheimer’s disease progressed.

The experienced 24-Hour Care staff showed commendable compassion from holding Julie’s hand during breakfast, having patience in feeding her and calmness when they were trying to help Julie understand what they were helping her accomplish knowing full well Julie did not understand. Julie received excellent care which included bathing, meals, massages and freshly painted nails. The 24-Hour Care staff always made sure she was comfortable in her chair. Watching them care for Julie gave us comfort.

As we began to say good bye to Julie at the hospital, the 24-Hour Care staff and nurses made visits with gifts to the hospital and to Julie’s memorial services.

Partnering with 24-Hour Care allowed us to keep Julie in her home. The only mistake we made in our journey of taking care of Julie was we should have called 24-Hour Care sooner.”

Tim and Lynn Berning


“My husband has had numerous surgeries, and after a recent hip replacement, our family medical doctor and the surgeon knew that he would need some care when, after a few weeks’ stay in the hospital, he was ready to go home. We decided to give 24 Hour Care a try. I had visited their new location and met the friendly staff that works there, and thought they would be a good fit for my husband’s needs.

Our decision turned out to be a good one! I was able to go to work as usual, knowing that he was in great hands. Our home was busy, with him needing physical therapy, occupational therapy and regular testing of his blood levels by a nurse. They made it so easy for us. The staff at 24 Hour Care communicated with us on a regular basis regarding his care, the service was superb and the professionals in charge of his needs were professional, friendly and supportive. They were thoughtful and understanding of his needs, including offering suggestions on making our home a safer place. His days were filled with friendly people coming and going, and yet there was no disruption to our family life.

In addition to all of their professional help, they even were great at putting up with a new family puppy. We were sorry to see their time end with the excellent help, but also knew that the road back to full recovery would not have happened without them!

I have highly recommended 24 Hour Care as a perfect solution for anyone needing home health care.

Lynn Gaber